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    Staff Team Permission


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    Staff Team Permission

    Post by Pedophile on Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:58 pm

    Admins are the top of all staffs.
    Harry - Owner
    -MightY- Co-Owner

    Coder Admins:
    BadAss He will help us with website and other bugs and etc that's why he's a coder ADmin.

    Head Game Masters:
    >DontToucH No Body Touch her xDDD anyways Head Game Master's Permissions are to handle the game reports. and forum reports also

    Game Master:
    Orange They need to Handle the game also and clear spams on forum but they can't bann players when its forum reported.
    it is Admins/HGM's/HMOD/Mod and test moderators work.

    Test Game Master:
    Test game masters are the trial Game Masters They will be test Game Master for a week then -MightY- Or Harry will promote him or demote him.

    Head Moderators:
    They are the one that can handle which forum they want.

    They don't have permission like head moderators but they will handle reporrts of adversiting take away the ss then post it un staff section and bann ppls when they get forum reports /If its a good reason and proof.

    Test Moderators:
    Its the same like Moderators but it need to proof that they are the one for this possition.

    GFX- Team:
    They have permission on show offs.

    They can reply on Reports. ( Normal Members Can't Do that not top spammer not ex-staff either.)
    But all can reply on staff team reports but not when its closed.

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