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    [Ban Appeal Rules]

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    [Ban Appeal Rules] Empty [Ban Appeal Rules]

    Post by Pedophile Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:34 am


    •) You need 15+ posts to post a ban appeal.
    •) Spamming those 15+ posts gets you in even more trouble.
    •) You've got 3 chances of a ban appeal before you get a DNU. (If 'DNU' wasn't included in the ban reason)

    Things that get you banned
    along with the concequences.

    (Temporary ban = Ban that lifts itself after a certain time.
    Normal ban = Ban that can only be lifted by a GM if you post a ban appeal and it gets accepted.
    Permanent ban = Ban that never gets lifted.)

    Insulting the server // Normal ban + DNU
    Hacking // Normal ban
    Scamming // Normal ban
    Faking donations // Permanent ban
    Advertisements // Permanent ban
    Insulting a GM // Temporary ban
    Looting GM stuff // Temporary ban

    See the punishments if you get unbanned below.

    Incase your ban appeal got accepted.

    (DNU = Do Not Unban)

    Insulting server = DNU.*
    Hackers = All characters deleted.
    False banned = Nothing.
    Scammers (Report with proof in report section needed!) = Vault and All characters inventory wipe.

    *A DNU ban (except faking donations and advertisements) can be lifted by donating $10. You will not get any prizes from this donation and your chars will get wiped.
    *If you were unbanned from a DNU once and you decide to break rules again, no amount of money will get you unbanned.
    *Your appeal MUST be accepted first before you try donating $10.

    Violations you can't get unbanned from:
    Fake donations;

    •) If you don't accept the punishment, don't ask to be unbanned.
    •) Don't post another thread if your other thread didn't get checked yet.

    Chances of an unban
    1st ban appeal = 70% chance of getting unbanned.
    2nd ban appeal = 40% chance of getting unbanned.
    3rd ban appeal = 5% chance of getting unbanned.

    Use your chances well.
    Lying in your ban appeal is an auto-reject.

    To the GMs
    Once somebody posts a ban appeal, the one who banned him/her has to provide proof of him/her hacking/scamming/etc.
    Actions will only be taken after proof.
    You can also ask a higher rank GM to be your witness before banning.

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